The horrors we’ve witnessed and atrocities we’ve learned about in news reports are a stark, bitter reminder of the hate that still plagues the hearts of some of our fellow humankind.

My heart is full of sympathy and compassion for the families who were killed and impacted. At San Diego Foundation, our employees, fundholders, donors and partners have expressed shock, pain, and rage at the loss of innocent Israeli and Palestinian lives and the threat that remains for those in captivity. Many are demonstrating resilience for their friends, family, and neighbors and are steadfast in their efforts to do what they can to help: providing a hug to a friend, donating to a nonprofit to aid survivors, and keeping hope in their heart that there will be an end to hate and antisemitism in their lifetime.

In San Diego, leadership is strong in our Jewish community. I encourage those who want to channel their grief and anger into something positive to learn how to help aid organizations and each other by visiting the Jewish Community Foundation at

It is challenging to find light amongst such darkness. Our work at San Diego Foundation will continue to focus on standing up to hate, rejecting acts of discrimination and embracing understanding and acceptance of others. We believe people deserve to feel valued, safe, and accepted in their community. We are committed to working with leaders throughout our region to unite against violence and hate and seek peace and unity in the days ahead.