If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably noticed that The San Diego Foundation has been busy lately, and a lot of our recent news and information can be found right here on the blog.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In just the past few months, we have published over 35 blog posts, debuted our revamped monthly email newsletter (subscribe to SDF News here!), hosted our first-ever livestream event and shared hundreds of updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Needless to say, we are growing our online engagement and community quickly. So for those of you who are just joining us, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of tips on how to engage with us online.

We’re excited for a busy 2015 and we encourage you to follow and interact with us now so you don’t miss out!

How to Interact With Us on Facebook

Our most active online communities are on Facebook and Twitter. Learn the differences between the two platforms in this incredibly simple infographic from WebTegrity.

Let’s focus on Facebook first, where we have more than 5,500 fans that can engage with us, and you. The following are three easy ways to interact with us on our Facebook page:

  • Like Our Page and Posts.
    This may be obvious, but if you don’t “Like” The San Diego Foundation on Facebook, then you won’t consistently receive any of our status updates. We typically share news on upcoming nonprofit events, San Diego philanthropy, San Diego Foundation blog articles and industry-related infographics and research. If a post catches your eye, don’t forget to “Like” that too!
  • Share Posts with Your Network.
    If we post content you think is valuable to your social network on Facebook, don’t be afraid to hit the “Share” button. Sharing our content with your network can help bring more attention to a specific cause or nonprofit and allows you to add a human element to the message.
  • Engage in Dialogue.
    It’s social media so… be social! We value feedback from our audience and encourage comments on our posts if you have insight to share regarding a particular topic. We like chatting with you and hope you like chatting with us, too.Bonus: Tag your friends in your comment if you think they would like to engage as well.


Get Involved on Facebook

How to Interact With Us on Twitter

Facebook isn’t for everyone. And many of you out there prefer to use Twitter instead – all 140 characters of it!

On that note, the following are three ways to interact with us on Twitter:

  • Follow Us.
    Just like the first bullet under Facebook, this may be obvious to most, but in order to receive our tweets in your news feed, you must follow us. With the speed of Twitter’s news feed being much faster than Facebook’s, we typically tweet more often. Click the star under our tweets to favorite a message that you find particularly valuable.Bonus: Several of our staff members are active on Twitter. Search @sd_fdn to find and follow them for more updates in San Diego philanthropy and their other interests.
  • Retweet Content.
    Similar to sharing on Facebook, retweet our content that you find interesting or that your followers will find valuable. Include a comment in your retweet and add the Twitter handles of followers within your community that the message will resonate with so they don’t miss it!
  • Reply to Us.
    This goes back to the whole “social” part of social media. Click the left arrow under any of our tweets to reply directly to us and engage in an active discussion regarding a topic you want to discuss. We welcome dialogue that opens new doors for learning and spreading a philanthropic message to the San Diego region.


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