According to the U.S. Administration on Aging, between 2003 and 2013 the population age 60 and over increased 30.7 percent from about 48 million to almost 63 million. In San Diego County, the number of people 65 and over is expected to double by 2030.

This presents great opportunity for our community leaders and organizations.

As Nick Macchione, Director of the County of San Diego’s Health and Human Services Agency, explains in his recent blog post, “together we decide what an Age-Friendly San Diego looks like—and together we work to achieve that vision.”

How is your organization helping San Diego’s aging community?
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San Diego is rich with organizations that support our aging population. For example, The Children’s Initiative created a tutoring program that pairs older adult volunteers with third-grade students, and Interfaith Community Services drives a food truck across San Diego delivering nutritious meals to seniors who don’t have access to reliable transportation. And the list goes on.

Even at the government level, we see a growing commitment to aging adults. The City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of activities and events to ensure the region’s older adults Live Well.

Every one of these programs is vital to the health of San Diego. By providing options for seniors to live, age in place and continue to participate in community activities, we are growing a more vibrant region for all ages and communities.

Save the Date

Baby boomers are entering older adulthood and emerging technologies have the potential to fundamentally change their aging experience.

On November 9, join The San Diego Foundation and the Stein Institute for Research on Aging to learn how businesses are working together with community members to innovate an Age-Friendly San Diego that isn’t just smarter, but more inclusive and equitable for all San Diegans.

At the event, The Future of Age Friendly Communities: Aging 2.0, leading expert Katy Fike, PhD, will talk spotlight the new products that are enhancing mobility, transport, home safety, and health services, and how we can uphold unprecedented access to leading innovations for the next generation of inventive older adults.

Supporting Local Programs

The Foundation is committed to supporting programs and initiatives that provide options to aging adults. We encourage you to do the same by contributing to one of the following impactful organizations which hold agency funds at The San Diego Foundation:

Give to Local Nonprofits

How is your organization helping San Diego’s aging community? Let us know in the comments!