July 31, 2015 – San Diego, CA – The San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, (EDC), Equinox Center, the Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI), and Posiba, with funding from The San Diego Foundation, announced today the launch of INSIGHT San Diego at the EDC. As these leaders planned the future of our region, they recognized the need to take record of how and where progress is measured.

This collective is an informative web platform designed to educate policy makers and the community on issues relevant to our regional quality of life- social equity, economic resilience, and environmental sustainability.

“As we envisioned the future of our region, many recognized our need to also take inventory of where we are and measure our progress,” said Mark Cafferty, President and CEO of San Diego EDC. “We hope this collaboration with real time, unbiased feedback will inspire all to see that our varied perspectives can enrich the understanding of our region. These are truly exciting times for San Diego.”

Notably, an aspect of this vision is to make data more available for use by local municipalities, planning councils and service organizations as they consider the future of their respective communities, along with the needs and desires of their populations.

“INSIGHT San Diego emerged from local partnerships with the mutual interest of building a sustainable region. Equinox Center relies on these partnerships with leading organizations to increase its impact and continue building a healthy environment, strong economy and vibrant communities,” stated Stephen Heverly, Managing Director, Equinox Center.

This is the first installment in this collaborative effort to use data research and analytics. INSIGHT San Diego is designed to measure progress on advancing the priorities identified by 30,000 San Diego residents in Our Greater San Diego Vision, supported by The San Diego Foundation, for improving quality of life throughout the region. More recently, a University of Southern California study,Linking Innovation With Inclusion, identified our region’s growing diversity as an untapped source of strength for our innovation economy.

According to Clare Crawford, Executive Director at CPI, “Equity is integral to having a healthy environment and a strong and sustainable economy in San Diego. This project is a great first step in having our researchers come together and look at the issues affecting our region. Through cross sector collaborations like these we hope to move San Diego forward.”

Additionally, the project will analyze the region’s innovation, competition, and local talent attraction in order to continue the momentum of national attention San Diego has recently received from entities including Forbes and Inc., who boast San Diego’s rapidly advancing startup culture. San Diego was also just featured by National Geographic as part of its Smart Cities series, as one of 18 cities featured from around the world, showcasing San Diego’s quality of life, technology sector, and local modernizers.

INSIGHT San Diego kicked off their launch with a stakeholders briefing and discussion Thursday, July 30 at 3:00pm at the EDC located at 530 B Street, downtown San Diego. Immediately following, guests were invited to a cocktail reception at EDC’s hosted open house event.

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About INSIGHT San Diego
The initial contributors to the INSIGHT San Diego are The San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, (EDC), Equinox Center, the Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI), and Posiba, with funding by The San Diego Foundation, INSIGHT San Diego is an informative web platform that measures and scores San Diego’s environmental, economic and equity indicators as they compare (graded on a curve) to other metropolitan areas of the U.S. Soon we will add longitudinal data enabling us to see how indicators are changing over time. INSIGHT San Diego is built in a flexible way to accommodate additional data sets.

More information about INSIGHT San Diego visit: http://INSIGHTsandiego.info/
More information about Center on Policy Initiatives: http://www.onlinecpi.org/
More information about San Diego EDC: http://sandiegobusiness.org/
More information about Equinox Center: www.EquinoxCenter.org
More information about Posiba: www.posiba.com
More information about The San Diego Foundation: https://www.sdfoundation.org/