San Diego Foundation and Binational Resilience Initiative

April 10, 2023 – San Diego, CA – San Diego Foundation announced today that it is offering $750,000 in Binational Resilience Initiative grant funding to support coastal projects in the Cali-Baja region, from Oceanside to Ensenada.

“The Binational Resilience Initiative increases the capacity of the Cali-Baja coastal region to survive and thrive in the face of shocks and stresses driven by climate change, and other natural, economic and social pressures,” said Christiana DeBenedict, SDF Director of Environment Initiatives. “Our complex region calls for unique projects and collaborations to build binational climate resilience that benefits our communities on both sides of the border.”

The Cali-Baja region encompasses a diverse region spanning San Diego County in the U.S. to the Pacific side of Northern Baja California, Mexico, between Tijuana and Ensenada. In spite of the U.S.-Mexico border, communities of the Cali-Baja region are uniquely connected through environmental, economic, cultural and other interdependencies. To expand the region’s capacity to adapt to climate change, manage and conserve shared resources, and thrive together, the Binational Resilience Initiative will create a shared regional approach to manage and plan for the best future as a region.

Through the Binational Resilience Initiative, SDF and its partners will advance projects and programs that help increase the Cali-Baja region’s resilience through the following strategies:

  • Leverage the climate work of project partners to develop binational resources, knowledge and tools to advance coastal resilience.
  • Support new and existing cross-border collaborative projects and programs that allow communities on both sides of the border to connect, adapt, innovate and thrive together.
  • Support stakeholders working on improving, restoring and conserving shared ecosystems.
  • Support organizational capacity that advances binational coastal resilience.

Proposed projects should demonstrate effective binational collaboration and contribute to coastal preservation or resilience in two or more of the following areas: climate relevance, economic prosperity, knowledge sharing, organizational resilience and/or research.

Funding requests can range between $25,000 to $50,000 per year for each partner organization working together on a collaborative project, with total funding not exceeding $100,000. Collaborative project partners can apply separately or jointly. The deadline to submit a grant application is 5 p.m. PDT, Friday, May 5. Application information and additional resources are available at

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