Community foundations, like The San Diego Foundation, are grantmaking public charities dedicated to improving the lives of people in a defined local geographic area. We bring together the financial resources of individuals, families, agencies and businesses to support nonprofits strengthening our communities.

Charitably-minded San Diegans partner with The San Diego Foundation to establish donor-advised funds because of our deep community insight, local charitable giving expertise and opportunities to connect with like-minded donors.

But the reasons don’t end there.

Our partners and donors shared with us the many reasons they partner and give with The San Diego Foundation.

Why Choose The San Diego Foundation?

“The notion of diversity and equity is very important to my life. That’s one area of vision and commitment of The San Diego Foundation that resonates with me.”
Dr. Constance Carroll, Chancellor, San Diego Community College District

“The primary attribute that distinguishes The San Diego Foundation from other community foundations is its many local charitable affiliates, and its outreach program. It supports local residents providing local philanthropy to local nonprofits and programs.”
Jack Raymond, Chairman & CEO, Raymond Companies

[pullquote]I had the income. I had the identity. But what I didn’t have was the significance and the purpose.[/pullquote]

“I had the income. I had the identity. But what I didn’t have was the significance and the purpose. The San Diego Foundation allows us to check those final two boxes. Whatever it was that gave us the means to help with our identities and income, we now have a way to be significant in this world and execute the purpose of why it is we’re here.”
Aaron Taylor, National Football League (Retired), CBS Sports Analyst

“The San Diego Foundation has such a strong presence and reputation in the community and is well-known for partnership and collaboration with other nonprofit organizations.”
Kristi S. Worley, Philanthropy Director, San Diego Center for Children

“I value the power of collective philanthropy that is achieved through The San Diego Foundation.  Individually, one can move stones. Collectively, we can move mountains.”
Hollyce Phillips, Founding Member, Carlsbad Charitable Foundation


“Since we were first married, we wanted to do something in regards to having a foundation, orphanage or something to give back. When we found out about The San Diego Foundation, it made it very easy for us, and we could get all the things accomplished we were looking for.”
Adrian Gonzalez, Major League Baseball Player, 2004 – Present

“They epitomize the work that we’re trying to do in terms of civic engagement and making sure populations and communities that are often overlooked have a voice, have a say and have a chance to be all that they can.”
Dale Fleming, Strategy Director, Healthy & Human Services, County of San Diego

[pullquote]The Foundation plays a critical role in galvanizing individual philanthropists and educating them on programs and charities that work.[/pullquote]

“The Foundation plays a critical role in galvanizing individual philanthropists and educating them on programs and charities that work, and then connecting the two so they we can have a really vibrant community working in partnership to take on these big issues facing our San Diego region.”
Greg Anglea, CEO, Interfaith Community Services

“The San Diego Foundation provides endless resources for vetting nonprofits to ensure that my philanthropic dollars are used appropriately.”
Janie DeCelles, former Long-Term Care Specialist & San Diego Regional Disaster Board Member

“We see the work they do at The San Diego Foundation, the people that are doing it and the momentum they have toward good in this region. The Foundation is, in my view, the unsung hero of the future of this community.”
Stan Sewitch, VP of Global Organization Development, WD-40 Company

“We had neither the resources nor the personnel to make a significant difference in San Diego. We approached The Foundation and began working with their talented staff, their connections in the community and their knowledge of the community to help leverage our dollars and begin to make a difference for the senior population.”
Don Ambrose
, President, Del Mar Healthcare, Inc.

“Rather than disseminating funds it gathers to remote charities, The San Diego Foundation focuses on the San Diego community. That’s an important goal that they have met.”
Ann Harris, Founder & Managing Partner, Ann C. Harris, A Professional Law Corporation

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