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The goal of SDF News is to more frequently provide relevant, valuable, newsworthy information to you about philanthropy and how to connect with and support the causes you care about in San Diego.

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Nonprofit Update

Nonprofit Update November 2021: Events & Funding Opportunities

To support nonprofit efforts, we’re sharing valuable information every month about upcoming workshops, events,...

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With deep community knowledge and a team of experts, we partner with thousands of nonprofit organizations and public institutions throughout San Diego to advise you of the best course for your charitable giving to effect change.

Grantmaking for Impact During 2021 Giving Season

Learn more about how you can continue to support just, equitable and resilient communities...

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Family Health Centers of San Diego’s (FHCSD) mission has been to provide caring, affordable, high-quality health care and supportive services to everyone, with a special commitment to uninsured, low-income and medically underserved persons.

Empowering Underserved Families through ACEs Screenings and Referrals

Learn how Family Health Centers is supporting the health of under-resourced and medically underserved...

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