2015 was the most generous year in U.S. history. That is according to Giving USA, which indicates that charitable donations hit a record high last year of approximately $373 billion.

What’s even more exciting is how much San Diego philanthropists are reflected in that data.

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The San Diego region is known as one of the most generous communities nationwide. For proof, look no further than the milestone The San Diego Foundation and donors will soon reach:  $1 billion in total grantmaking since 1975.

And according to the recent report from the University of San Diego Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research, total giving in our region continues to grow stronger.

Among the many findings from the USD Caster Center report, the one that stands out most is household giving. The latest report shows household giving has risen from 49 percent to 51 percent, meaning a majority of households in San Diego now give back to our community.

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Measuring Philanthropy’s Impact in San Diego

One reason for this growth is public confidence. San Diego has a large number of nonprofit organizations working to enact positive change in the community. And residents increasingly recognize their value and impact.

An overwhelming majority of San Diegans — 87 percent — share confidence in the efforts of local nonprofits.

Measuring Philanthropy’s Impact in San Diego

Additionally, the San Diego nonprofit community continues to be a lead driver for economic growth. The nonprofit workforce makes up 9 percent of the entire region’s economy.

Measuring Philanthropy’s Impact in San Diego

Philanthropy takes all shapes and sizes. And local giving and nonprofit impact spans across an array of social impact areas.

Measuring Philanthropy’s Impact in San Diego

While the data from Giving USA and USD Caster Center present a promising outlook for the importance and growth of philanthropy, the numbers often leave out the stories behind such great success.

If you are part of the 51 percent of San Diego households who give back, take a look at how some of your peers are making an impact in the region. Or get involved in many of the emerging trends within philanthropy.

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