A 24-hour online fundraiser asks San Diegans to give local.

A coalition of a dozen San Diego organizations are leading the charge to uplift the local nonprofit community through a day of giving on Sept. 9 – San Diego Gives Day.

The effort is in response to the challenging and often devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on local San Diego nonprofits and the communities they serve.

Give Local

To date, 120 local organizations will participate in San Diego Gives Day. San Diego Gives shines a light on their nonprofit work and gives San Diegans the opportunity to grow and sustain their local programs to better serve neighbors and friends.

San Diego Gives leaders had a clear mission in mind — to create a special day of giving across San Diego County, build a community resource for local nonprofit organizations, and connect people to the local causes they care about most.

Every dollar raised will stay local to address the most urgent needs of those who reside within San Diego.

Helping All San Diegans

The participating organizations represent a variety of populations and causes. From alleviating hunger and homelessness to uplifting youth and individuals with disabilities, the causes represented by San Diego Gives nonprofit participants assist in the wellbeing of the San Diego community.

Each day nonprofits make a difference in San Diego County through critical services that drive economic stability for the communities they serve, as well as through the role they play as local employers.

Pandemic’s Impact

For more than 17 months, nonprofits have provided essential services while adapting to rapidly changing conditions on the ground and in their organizations due to the pandemic.

The Center for Effective Philanthropy’s “Notes at the Crossroads Report” describes the impact of the pandemic on nonprofits nationwide, as does the University of San Diego Nonprofit Institute report, “Unprecedented Disruption: COVID-19 Impact on San Diego Nonprofits.”

San Diego Gives aims to jumpstart our local nonprofit economy by restoring service levels, increasing employment and bolstering the reserves that sustain community impact.

Those who don’t want to wait until Sept. 9 can make a donation now at SanDiegoGives.org.