Today, more than ever, philanthropists have myriad options to help support their charitable giving. And now more than ever, community foundations provide a unique value to donors who want to make an impact in their communities.

For more than four decades, The San Diego Foundation has partnered with donors and nonprofits to provide local philanthropic support for the betterment of our community.

During that time, The Foundation has established deep roots and strong relationships that our donors leverage for information on how their philanthropy can make a lasting impact throughout San Diego.

Working Together

For example, I recently sat down with a longtime donor at The Foundation who wanted to find a way for her grantmaking to have a greater, more strategic impact in the area of food waste and recovery.

Instead of providing individual grants, the donor wanted to see if there was a way to encourage and facilitate collaboration among certain nonprofits to generate greater impact. Once we established a goal for her philanthropy, the donor was able to leverage our local expertise in the region and its nonprofit landscape to identify several organizations that were already exploring ways to collaborate on large-scale projects.

In the weeks and months that followed, The Foundation worked with the donor and local nonprofit partners to develop a project that would draw upon the expertise of everyone involved to maximize impact in the community. The result is a multi-year grant that will drive collaboration and address numerous causes of food waste in our region, in addition to allowing recovered food to be circulated to those who can benefit from it.

Thanks to this strategic partnership between the donor, The Foundation and a group of nonprofit organizations, San Diegans who need it most will have greater access to food on a daily basis.

Community-Based Expertise

When thinking about philanthropy, we know that local impact is an important factor in deciding how to give. Our team of experts is here to help.

Community foundations provide local giving experts who can connect donors with opportunities they may not have known about otherwise.

Community foundations also provide a network of donors who can meet with, and learn from, one another, providing a family atmosphere where people can engage with like-minded philanthropists.

Together, we can explore how to maximize the impact of your charitable giving and meet your personal goals.

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