Strengthening and building resilient communities are core focuses of San Diego Foundation’s mission to enhance the quality of life in the region. Through a new wave of grants, San Diego Foundation is helping give young children and young adults the chance to experience exciting career opportunities by learning about science and the environment.

CBS 8 chatted with Ocean Discovery Institute Manager of Business Development, Carla Camacho on how the institute is transforming students’ lives through science. By using science exploration, Ocean Discovery Institute engages youth in City Heights, a predominantly low-income, racially diverse urban San Diego community, and helps create learning experiences that may inspire future science leaders.

A San Diego Foundation partner and steward of the outdoors, Ocean Discovery institute recently received a $50,000 ‘Opening the Outdoors’ grant to provide in-depth, nature-based job training and early-work experience for young adults – including professional soft skills and hands-on skills workshops in the field. Ocean Discovery Institute also became a SDF Community Scholars Initiative partner earlier this year within the Science & Technology Program.

Ocean Discovery Institute’s programs are 100% tuition free for elementary to high school students. Through these programs, they hope students will join high-paying fields, break generational poverty and change the face and future of science.

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