A healthy environment and prosperous economy are important to the growth of our region. However, if we lack equitable access to these amenities, our region’s overall vitality will suffer.

So how does the San Diego region currently measure up? And how do we compare to other metropolitan regions across the U.S. when it comes to the three E’s: Environment, Economy and Equity?

Virtual Report Card

INSIGHT San Diego – our region’s first virtual report card and partnership between Equinox Center, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, Center on Policy Initiatives, and Posiba – was recently launched to answer these questions and highlight the current status of the San Diego region’s economy, environment and equity.

The project was funded by The San Diego Foundation and advances the priorities identified by 30,000 San Diego residents in Our Greater San Diego Vision for improving quality of life throughout the region.



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This tool was developed to make data more accessible in addressing the challenges of our region and solutions when continuing to build a healthy environment, strong economy, and vibrant communities.

Creating a resource for action

INSIGHT San Diego highlights our region’s many strengths, and also calls out areas for improvement, especially as we compare to 16 other metro areas throughout the U.S.

A few highlights include:

  • San Diego ranks 2nd overall in talent behind San Francisco
  • San Diego also ranks 2nd overall in air quality behind Washington, D.C.
  • The largest area for improvement is in equity, especially in regard to access to basic needs and income equality

While research partners Equinox Center, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, and Center on Policy Initiatives have previously reported on aspects of this data, this is the first instance of the three groups collaborating to present data that is comprehensive to the overall vitality of our region.

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INSIGHT San Diego will be updated periodically, through an iterative process that will add additional layers to the data and incorporate feedback from the community on how to make the regional indicators more useful to our community leaders and decision makers.

We invite you to explore this tool, and feel free to make suggestions and provide feedback by contacting any of the partners here, or get involved in the conversation.

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