The San Diego Foundation believes that investing for social good doesn’t always have to start and end with traditional grantmaking.

Innovation is now more commonplace in the nonprofit industry, and community foundations are at the forefront of these new investment and giving strategies.

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One such tool is impact investing.

Across the nation, dozens of community foundations, including respected industry leaders like The San Francisco Foundation, The Chicago Community Trust and Cleveland Foundation, are bringing philanthropy and market-based solutions together to address regional challenges.

Now, San Diego joins that list.

Impact Loan Fund

The San Diego Foundation is bringing innovation to social investment here in San Diego through its recently created Impact Loan Fund. We’re working to establish an initial $2 million fund that will support nonprofits through an additional philanthropic tool. Ultimately, we plan to grow the fund to $5M.

The San Diego Foundation Impact Loan Fund achieves several regional goals, including:

  • Facilitating higher performing, more sustainable nonprofits.
  • Establishing a revolving fund to respond to and serve the needs of nonprofits.
  • Providing opportunity for donors to make a difference through social impact.

The Impact Loan Fund will initially refinance existing debt held by qualifying nonprofit organizations that have established endowment funds at The San Diego Foundation.

Over time, the Fund will provide low-interest loans to other qualifying local nonprofits, and will provide start-up capital for social enterprises, such as real estate development for the homeless and aging populations.

Through donor support, the Impact Loan Fund will help strengthen San Diego nonprofits to promote greater regional impact.

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Innovation in San Diego

As a regional philanthropic leader, The San Diego Foundation is eager to identify innovative ways to maximize the impact of donor giving.

By adopting new strategies, and working side-by-side with philanthropists, our government, business and nonprofit partners, we can advance the quality of life for all our communities.

Whether it be through low-interest loans, Pay for Success, or other philanthropic investment tools, The San Diego Foundation is committed to building a innovative culture for greater social impact.

The Impact Loan Fund helps ensure our region’s most effective nonprofit programs can grow and evolve as needed to support our communities.

We encourage charitably minded San Diegans with a passion for social innovation to partner with us by supporting the Impact Loan Fund.

To give, contact our Development & Stewardship Team today.

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