One of the most gratifying parts of our jobs is working with people who want to give back and helping to connect them with others who want to do the same, for maximum impact in our community.

The Value in Giving Together

Many people who join our donor community at The San Diego Foundation do so in part because they see value in giving funds that can be combined with other donor support at The Foundation to maximize impact.

Rather than giving to a single organization, they appreciate the role that community foundations can play in supporting and facilitating cross-sector collaboration among nonprofits, government, academia, business and other civic-minded leaders to advance solutions to critical community needs.

By giving together, donors can also broaden their reach, to focus beyond one neighborhood or city, to improve our quality of life across the San Diego region.

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Giving Together: Community Programs

Some exciting examples of current efforts that involve collective giving for greater impact include:

Creative Catalyst Fellowships provide direct support to our local artists, who are essential to the way we work, enjoy, live and learn in the San Diego region. Jill and Jerry Hall provided seed funding to catalyze the development of this amazing program. They are hoping their three-year commitment of $25,000 annually will inspire other donors to give as well; to support these fellowships that bring prestige and infuse new energy into artists’ work, helping to rejuvenate the spirit and strengthen our community as a whole.

Gathering Places enables people to come together to transform neglected spaces into vibrant places in their neighborhoods, parks and business districts. Pooled support from the Rokenbok Educational Foundation, Myron Eichen Memorial, and Orca Funds at The San Diego Foundation and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. has helped to transform Butterfly Park in National City, Manzanita Canyon in City Heights, and Borderfield State Park, with more efforts to come in South Bay communities.

Giving Together - Gathering Places

Opening the Outdoors brings the beauty and richness of our region’s natural spaces to kids and families across the San Diego region, especially in communities with little access to nearby open space. Through a partnership with San Diego Grantmakers, the Satterberg Foundation is joining a number of donors at The San Diego Foundation to broaden efforts to protect, connect and make more accessible our great outdoors, particularly in underserved communities.

Giving Together - Opening the Outdoors

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We invite others to join our community of donors, to make our region an even better place for our children and grandchildren.

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