This time of year, our collective hearts and minds naturally turn toward gratitude and generosity.

After the flurry of end-of-summer flings, bursts of back to school hubbub and the happy revelry of Halloween, many people find themselves turning their perspectives inward and focusing on the current season at hand: one of thanksgiving.

Holiday Reflections

Our staff recently came across a quote that has become an instant favorite: “We do not give because we have extra – we share because we have enough.”

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This sentiment strikes home because it can apply to anyone in any stage of life. It’s more about the internal shift that happens within the giver’s heart than about the gift itself that is given. With this mindset, everyone can be generous and grateful this holiday season.

Reflection is best when it’s shared with others, so consider starting some new traditions at this year’s holiday table. Here are some ideas:

  • Share a moment of gratitude at the beginning of your meal – invite your fellow guests to appreciate the effort of every set of hands that brought the food and the company to your table.
  • Ask each guest to tell a story about what they are grateful for this year. It’s even better if you can directly thank a person with whom you’re sharing the meal.
  • Conclude your meal with a moment of mindfulness – recognizing everyone’s contribution to the present moment and feeling a heartfelt connection with these most cherished members of your circle of family and friends.

Giving with The Foundation

At The San Diego Foundation, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with donors and nonprofits to advance a vibrant quality of life in San Diego. This is especially true at this time of the year – the busiest for our donors, when many find their hearts (and their pocketbooks) open to year end giving.

As you decide how to support your community this year, we have listed some of the most popular avenues for charitable giving we encounter:

  1. IRA Distribution – You can gift your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) to a program of The San Diego Foundation. Or, you can receive the RMD as income and then deposit it into your donor-advised fund.
  1. Your Appreciated Assets – A gift of securities, business interests or real estate to The San Diego Foundation can provide you with significant income and capital gains tax savings, often exceeding the benefits of a cash gift.
  1. Charitable Gift Annuity – Receive guaranteed income for life when you establish a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with your gift. You’ll receive a 2016 income tax deduction and partially tax-free income until your death. The remainder of your gift establishes an endowment fund to support your chosen nonprofit beneficiary or a broad purpose (e.g. education).

Our professional staff is ready to help with any charitable giving scenario – whether giving a current asset now or a setting up a planned gift through your future estate.

In this season of giving, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with donors and nonprofits in the spirit of generosity and community building.

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