Family traditions shape lives.

Traditions strengthen the bonds between generations. They create memories that last a lifetime. And, in many cases, they instill values that mold us to become better people.

For the Anklesaria family, donors with The San Diego Foundation, those traditions come in the form of giving back and helping others.

Jennifer and Jimmy Anklesaria have always taught their children about the altruistic values of philanthropy. Just as Jimmy’s parents did when he was a young boy growing up in India, and his grandparents did before that, they engaged their children in conversations about community, charity and a sense of purpose.

But what’s most notable is the way they incorporated family philanthropy into everyday life.

Family Philanthropy

Anklesaria family incorporates philanthropy

The Anklesaria family incorporates philanthropy into everyday life.

Many years ago, when their kids were young, Jimmy and Jennifer talked openly about philanthropy and encouraged their children to engage in the decision making. Through this, they created an environment for everyone in the family to share their interests and ideas on how to make an impact in the community.
As their daughter Jasmine recalled, “Philanthropy wasn’t just something my parents did and we followed. They wanted us to play an active role even at a young age and share in the full process of giving back.

“Needless to say, that had a profound impact on me growing up.”

Take for example what the Anklesaria children did when they were just nine years old.

During their respective Navjote ceremonies, a rite of passage within their Zoroastrian religion, the Anklesaria children didn’t use the gifts of money they received for new toys or sweets. Instead, they decided on their own to gift the money to the Red Cross and to support those impacted by Hurricane Katrina and the 2009 earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia.

That act of kindness at such a young age speaks volumes to the impact family philanthropy can have when it becomes a tradition across generations.

“I see my parents as mentors,” shared Jasmine, who now works at the crossroads of philanthropy and education as a Major Gifts Associate at Stanford University. “They were my inspiration early on, and now as an adult I’m taking what they taught me about philanthropy and trying to make it part of my life.”

Investing in Others

Together, the Anklesarias have left a mark in the lives of countless individuals, particularly as it relates to education.

Jennifer and Jimmy Anklesaria

Jennifer and Jimmy Anklesaria have always taught their children about the altruistic values of philanthropy. Credit: UC San Diego

“My husband and I have spent decades teaching in both our professional and volunteer roles,” shared Jennifer. “Through this, we recognize the value of education and we firmly believe that it’s the key to success. That’s why so much of our charitable giving and community engagement is focused in this area.”

To this day, the Anklesaria scholarship fund at The San Diego Foundation has supported dozens of San Diego students, and the whole family remains as engaged in the philanthropic process as ever.

More than Grantmaking

The Anklesarias are living proof that family philanthropy can serve a much deeper and more powerful purpose.

As Jennifer explained, “We often look at the outcomes as the sole indicators of impact but with family philanthropy it’s the process that lasts longer and is the most important.

“Talking about our charitable interests, thinking about how to make a difference and exploring new opportunities together are all meaningful steps when our family gives together.”

There’s more to gain from the process of giving than the actual giving.

Learn how you can join the Anklesarias and make an impact in the community while creating meaningful traditions in your own family.

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