For decades, Jill G. Hall has been a steward of her San Diego community. As an educator, accomplished author, philanthropist and artist – she’s always felt her best when she’s doing something good for the city she loves.

“Giving back is important to me because it makes me feel good,” Jill said. “I enjoy giving back because it makes me happy and I like to meet the changemakers that are making it happen.”

Jill’s transition from a 20-year career as an inner-city educator to a bestselling author is a tale of unexpected twists. Originally planning to write children’s literature or a memoir about her teaching experiences, her writing path took a serendipitous turn after joining a local writing group. The award-winning author has published three novels about women searching for their place in the world connected by vintage finds.

Jill’s Impact

To fuel future generations, Jill is an avid supporter of causes ranging from arts and culture to the environment and community advancement. Having grown up in the arts community herself, Jill credits her education and experiences for the values she holds today.

As a past president and instructor of San Diego Writers Ink, Jill is a firm believer that everyone has the potential to be creative. She enjoys helping others find those skills and abilities within themselves. In a previous SDF blog post on the creative economy, she spoke on its positive impacts she witnessed firsthand during her time as an educator.

Jill Hall

“On days when music, dance, drama or visual arts sessions were scheduled – I noticed that absenteeism declined,” she said. “Students were more engaged. When arts were integrated, student confidence and the ability to grasp other core subjects also rose.”

Jill also recognizes the immense benefits the arts have on the San Diego economy and its ability to create a vibrant, thriving community for all to live in.

A dedicated community advocate, Jill takes pride in her philanthropy and supporting her beloved, treasured community. She is not only generous with her philanthropic contributions but she’s also strategic and creatively leverages her donations to maximize funding and support for nonprofit organizations. Jill has served on numerous philanthropic boards and is actively involved in initiatives to support the arts, including fundraising for a new performing arts center at Liberty Station.

At San Diego Foundation, her philanthropic history runs deep, as she once chaired the SDF Creative Catalyst Program and has held a donor-advised fund at SDF for several years.

Leaving a Legacy

When it came time to consider her legacy and what she’d leave behind, Jill immediately turned to SDF. To celebrate her 50th birthday, she gave herself the gift of finishing her trust – which included opening a legacy fund.

Legacy funds offer individuals like Jill the opportunity to create a lasting impact and support causes that align with their values for a lifetime and beyond.

“I wanted to make sure everything was in place,” she said. “San Diego Foundation advisors made it so easy to update my wishes. It gave me peace of mind to know that in the future, even after I’m gone, that my giving will continue.”

As part of her legacy, the philanthropist hopes other people will be able to enjoy the community she’s loved since she was born.

Public art in Chula Vista

“I feel blessed to have been able to grow up and live in this beautiful city going to the beaches and taking in all the beautiful art,” Jill said. “I’m hoping future generations will be able to benefit in a fulfilling, beautiful place like San Diego.”

About Legacy Funds

Giving back can last a lifetime and beyond.

A legacy fund provides lasting benefits to you, your family and the causes you care about. Some planned gifts provide lifelong income to your family, while others use estate and tax planning to provide for charity and heirs in ways that maximize your gift or minimize the impact on your estate.

If you are considering ways to make an impact through a legacy fund, submit the form below to download our Guide to Building Your Charitable Legacy or contact our Donor Services team today.

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