More than 200 Escondido Charitable Foundation (ECF) members, community leaders and residents came together last month at Orfila Winery to celebrate over a decade of giving in the community.

Since 2006, ECF has generated $3.2 million worth of impact in Escondido. And that’s just the beginning.

Not only did the event place a spotlight on $231,016 in grantmaking to eight programs, but ECF founder Jack Raymond also surprised guests by announcing a $1 million anonymous donor-advised gift that will improve quality of life in the community.

ECF is proof that the Escondido region is full of generous, committed individuals who believe in the power of philanthropy.


Helping Local Youth

Over the years, 76 nonprofit programs have been created or have benefitted from the generosity of ECF members.

Among the many organizations supported is the Escondido Community Child Development Center, a 2016 grantee committed to the health and well-being of local youth and families.

The organization provides quality, early childhood education, development and health programs for children 4 months to 5 years of age at little or no cost to low-income families.

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Thanks to the $20,000 grant last year, the organization created a bilingual Mental Health Services Specialist position to deliver early childhood mental health intervention services in classrooms, teacher-training, as well as counseling sessions with children and families.

“Early childhood education breaks the cycle of poverty,” shared Jim Wiese, Executive Director of Escondido Community Child Development Center. “By providing children with quality care alongside early intervention, early education and essential nutrition, we can ensure that every Escondido resident grows up with the proper foundation that will help them succeed later in life. Thanks to the Escondido Charitable Foundation, we are investing in the next generation of community leaders.”

Early interventions include annual on-site child developmental screenings and assessments, therapeutic services for vision, hearing, dental health, physical growth & nutrition, speech, first and second language development and early childhood social-emotional competency.

Get Involved

ECF is a prime example of what’s possible when a group of generous community members come together for a greater purpose.

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