A survey conducted by the Regional Task Force on the Homeless in 2017 found that one of the leading causes of homelessness is loss of employment, with 24 percent of homeless San Diegans attributing their situations to job loss. Another 17 percent become homeless due to loss of income and 12 percent share they became homeless due to the high cost of housing.

Recognizing a need to assist individuals facing homelessness, the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation (CVCF) recently granted $50,000 to two organizations leading the charge against homelessness in the region – New GateWay Solutions and Feeding San Diego.

Supporting a Vulnerable Population

Launched to create a system that prevents homelessness while simultaneously supports individuals afflicted by lack of housing due to loss of employment and rising housing costs, New GateWay Solutions is a Chula Vista-based homeless prevention and poverty alleviation program that provides services employment and housing services to the San Diego community.

The organization assists more than 220 individuals struggling with homelessness by providing resources and services, such as rental assistance, bus passes job search support that strengthens personal development and removes the obstacles to employment.

“New GateWay’s goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate the numbers of people who are entering homelessness due to loss of income and the high cost of housing,” shared Michelle John, Executive Director of New GateWay Solutions. “If someone is motivated to work, we will help them to get employed and keep them in their current housing until they are able to be self-sufficient.”

The grant from CVCF will be applied to a prevention program that helps at-risk individuals stay in their homes while providing employment assistance to help participants achieve economic self-sufficiency. Through the Homelessness Prevention Program, New GateWay Solutions will work to connect job seekers to stable employment and connect homeless job-seekers with stable housing and additional critical support.

“Our mission is to transform at-risk lives from poverty into finding self-sustainability,” Michelle explained. “We do this by identifying the unique needs of our clients and helping them remove obstacles related to transportation, bills, housing accommodations and more. By helping these individuals achieve stability, we’re able to help prevent homelessness, or lift them out of homelessness.”

Make a Lasting Impact

The San Diego Foundation Regional Affiliate Program enables communities to leverage charitable funds from its residents who take collective action through grantmaking.

CVCF has supported the community and thanks to its endowment fund, the organization will continue to benefit the community for good, forever.

If you aren’t a member yet, the Regional Affiliate Program is the perfect way to become an active participant in your community’s growth, wherever you live. Working alongside your friends and neighbors, you can help your community and build a strong, resilient neighborhood today, and into the future.

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