“The childcare sector is very important as our economy cannot be sustainable if parents do not have safe places for their children to be cared for, and educated while they are working,” said Chair Nathan Fletcher, San Diego County Board of Supervisors and lead policymaker for the County’s COVID-19 Subcommittee. 

Last August, recognizing that childcare is essential to the economic recovery and ongoing health of the San Diego region, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved $25 million in CARES Act funding to establish the San Diego County Childcare Provider Grant Program.

The County of San Diego partnered with The San Diego Foundation, Child Development Associates and YMCA of San Diego County, and in just a few short months, the program helped more than 3,300 childcare providers keep their doors open amid incredibly challenging economic conditions. In all, more than 81,000 children were served in 90 zip codes across the county, allowing working parents to stay on the job, put food on the table, and contribute to our economy.

To learn more about the program’s impact, we asked childcare providers to share how their grants have helped support the services they’ve been able to provide during the pandemic.

Childcare Providers Share Gratitude

“This support was crucial to our Therapeutic Childcare Center’s efforts in empowering hundreds of children and parents experiencing homelessness to reach their behavioral and educational goals. This life-changing care can make the difference between a family simply surviving, and truly thriving.”

Deacon Jim Vargas, President and CEO
Father Joe’s Villages

“This grant program to childcare providers came at a time when the providers were struggling to enroll children because of COVID. It couldn’t have come at a better time as these small business owners are struggling to make ends meet. We commend this initiative for being ahead of the curve.”

Abdi Mohamoud, Executive Director
Horn of Africa

“So thankful to be open again! The Center is thriving, and the families are so grateful that their children have access to this very much needed in-person social interaction. When we reopened, we were concerned about not having enough PPE to keep the children safe. Thanks to the San Diego County Childcare Provider Grant Program, having enough PPE and cleaning supplies is the least of our worries. I feel so lucky to be a part of meeting such a critical need, as most schools remain closed. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generosity!”

Maggie Lovell, Program Supervisor
SAY San Diego Early Childhood Center

“Socially, emotionally we needed to be closer than ever, even as we needed to keep physical distancing. Knowing the grant was coming…I revamped my outdoor space… We try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

“In San Diego County, by remaining open and offering childcare, we are giving stability to children, and then parents can go back to work so families can thrive. Without having to worry about their children, the economy in San Diego can reopen.

“You have no idea how much you have impacted our sector [with this grant]. The domino effect of what you have done for us, for our families, for our children… You have given us the strength to stay open. We now have hope.”

Miren Algorri, Licensed Family Childcare Provider

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