Carlsbad Charitable Foundation (CCF) members had many accomplishments to celebrate at their 8th Annual Grant Celebration at LEGOLAND, most importantly granting more than $635,000 since inception to nonprofits serving Carlsbad.

From improving quality of life to rejuvenating the bonds of our communities, the contributions of CCF members stimulate a sense of common purpose by bringing people together to address essential and emerging needs.

In just eight years, CCF has supported 38 nonprofit programs to help make Carlsbad a better place to work, live, and play.

The 2015-16 grant cycle focused on programs that promote healthy lifestyles, and connect, protect or increase access to nature in Carlsbad. Based on Envision Carlsbad, a study conducted by the city of Carlsbad to identify the community’s core values and aspirations, a future where nature is accessible, connected and protected for all to enjoy is a priority for Carlsbad residents.

This year, more than $102,000 was granted to six 2015 Carlsbad Charitable Foundation grantees.

Carlsbad Grants Celebration

Promoting Nonprofit Collaboration

Though not a requirement in this year’s grant cycle, the CCF Grant’s committee encouraged projects that demonstrate collaborative efforts. From working with other nonprofits, to state parks and schools, all six grantee organizations incorporated a partnership.

I Love a Clean San Diego County, Inc. will work together with the Carlsbad Village Boys & Girls Club to expand their environmental education programs in Carlsbad. Both groups have been established for over 60 years, working to better the San Diego region. Together, they plan to reach over 200 Carlsbad students through interactive summer camps that will allow youth to take an active role in preserving the Carlsbad coastline.

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In a joint effort, Carlsbad Educational Foundation and Carlsbad United School District Grant Writing Collaborative will launch a zero waste lunch and recycling program at three Carlsbad schools. Working together with the respective school districts and the city of Carlsbad, the program will teach students and families lifelong conservation and recycling habits, promote healthy lifestyles and ultimately build environmental stewards in Carlsbad for generations to come.

Through the collective impact success of Carlsbad Charitable Foundation’s own pooled philanthropy efforts over the years, CCF members recognized the significance of encouraging strong partnerships with their grant making efforts.

Carlsbad Grants Celebration

Get Involved

Through the power of the Regional Affiliate Program’s community pooling, CCF members are each able to play a significant role in growing a more vibrant community in Carlsbad.

Become a member of your respective regional affiliate with The San Diego Foundation and be an active participant in your community’s growth, wherever you live.

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