For many nonprofit leaders, much of the day-to-day management of the organization and long-term planning centers around fundraising. In order to continue generating positive, lasting change, nonprofits need the resources to do so.

Yet more time spent on fundraising means less time dedicated to the overall mission of the organization.

That’s why hundreds of San Diego organizations have setup nonprofit agency funds to eliminate some of the variables that come with fundraising and revenue generation.

Evolution of the Industry

In recent years, the way nonprofits fundraise and generate revenue has evolved.

Innovative business models such as social enterprise and impact loan funds are becoming more viable in the industry. In addition, recent changes to the U.S. tax law are causing more and more leaders to rethink their charitable strategies.

That evolution of the charitable landscape is driving nonprofit leaders to identify newer solutions that help maintain and grow impact.

Sustainable Solutions

Nonprofit agency funds at The San Diego Foundation are investments opened by organizations themselves to support their long-term operations and goals. These funds, particularly endowment funds, help smooth out the ups and downs of long-term fundraising by creating a sustainable pool of money that an organization can rely on.

Not only does a nonprofit agency fund guarantee a greater level of certainty in revenue and bring a peace of mind to leadership, but it shows the community and donors that an organization is committed to its mission and here to stay.

Hundreds of local nonprofits have already invested in their future by establishing nonprofit agency funds. Not every organization is the same, but The San Diego Foundation and its team of expert advisors can help determine the financial model that best meets a nonprofit’s needs.

Find out if a nonprofit agency fund is right for your organization.