Using a $5,600 grant from the La Jolla Community Foundation (an affiliate of The San Diego Foundation), a local digital media education nonprofit launched an afterschool program at Muirlands Middle School that allowed students to explore La Jolla’s thriving biotech, medical and marine science industries through photography and film.

The goal of Outside the Lens’ new program, Innovation Insight, was to teach 70 students about “Design Thinking” and how to apply this technique to drive innovative solutions in STEAM fields. Students took field trips to the beach, Scripps, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, J. Craig Venter Institute and Pharmatek to complete their projects.

The gallery below represents a wide range of student-driven art creativity in mobile devices and still photography within the categories of:

  • Marine Science
  • Architecture
  • Biotech

Student Art Gallery

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There are many ways you can grant funds and support opportunities like this for the youth in San Diego.

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