During the San Diego Nonprofit Association “In the Know Breakfast featuring Kathlyn Mead” on February 12, The San Diego Foundation President and CEO spoke about her vision for the relationship between The Foundation and the nonprofit community, and The Foundation’s WELL framework — Work, Enjoy, Learn, and Live.

Mead covered a variety of topics about The Foundation’s role in the nonprofit community during her 30-minute speech. Below are the top three takeaways that nonprofits should know:

3 Takeaways for San Diego Nonprofits

  • Philanthropy is about identifying the best opportunities in the nonprofit community to invest.
    Mead began her speech talking about her background in the nonprofit sector and saying that through collaboration, San Diegans can have a bigger impact in their community. She said it is The Foundation’s role to lift up programs in the community, not compete with them. And she said that the best way to get San Diego philanthropists to invest in a nonprofit is to develop network ambassadors, collaborate with partners, apply for grants and develop a strong mission statement.
  • The San Diego Foundation will work in places where the framework WELL — Work, Enjoy, Learn, Live — is best integrated.
    Mead spoke about a strategy change regarding how The Foundation will provide community impact and support for the nonprofit community through the WELL framework. The San Diego Foundation can best add value in places where the WELL framework is being integrated. In light of this new vision, she mentioned that The Foundation may invest more resources in impact investing, such as Pay for Success models and low-interest loan programs.
  • It’s important for nonprofit organizations to use SDNA to collaborate with other nonprofits.
    Mead positioned San Diego Nonprofit Association as the industry leader when it comes to collaborative efforts for San Diego nonprofits. She described SDNA as the “CONNECT” for nonprofits, and said the best way for a nonprofit to get the community’s attention is to collaborate through SDNA.

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