3 Grantwriting Tips for Nonprofits from the 2015 Opening the Outdoors Grant Cycle

After wrapping up our Opening the Outdoors grant cycle in April 2015, we are excited to partner with 12 local organizations doing great work to protect and connect natural areas and increase access to the outdoors, especially for our most park-poor neighborhoods such as South County.

But before any grants were given, there was a thoughtful application and decision-making process that happens every grant cycle.

During these early stages, we collaborate with our 18-member volunteer review committee, whose expertise and guidance are essential in determining how to best invest in local projects and nonprofit organizations.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into the process to better help groups understand some key details that may help for future grant cycles.

How to Set Your Nonprofit Apart

The question often asked after completing a grant cycle is: What set these grant recipients apart?

Here are the three most important tips we heard from our volunteer committee:

Grantwriting Training for Nonprofits

We hope these tips will be helpful in pursuing future funding opportunities from The San Diego Foundation as well as other local and national funders.

Nonprofit Management Solutions provides management training to local nonprofits and offers many tools you might find useful in your fundraising and grantwriting efforts. Check out their website for a list of upcoming workshops and resources for nonprofits.

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