How can we, as San Diegans, meet the challenges of the future?

How do we improve access to housing, education and jobs, protect our climate and build a better place to work, enjoy, live and learn?

By focusing in on your philanthropic interests, together, we can grow a more vibrant San Diego region today, and into the future.

We are your community foundation committed to arts and culture, civil society, education, environment, health and human services, youth development and other social impact areas to build equity and opportunity for all San Diegans.

There are several benefits of opening a fund or partnering with a community foundation versus a commercial gift fund or a private foundation.

Check out our top 10 reasons to give with The San Diego Foundation to support and grow a vibrant San Diego region.

10 Reasons to Give with TSDF

  1. We have deep roots in the San Diego community.
    With more than 40 years of philanthropic leadership region-wide, we understand San Diego’s diverse challenges and the nonprofits working to address them.
  2. We simplify the giving process.
    We coordinate with financial advisors, attorneys and your chosen nonprofit beneficiaries to ensure your charitable giving is seamless.
  3. We are expert advisors in philanthropy.
    Our experienced staff understands the technical complexities of charitable giving and helps to maximize your gifts.
  4. We accept a variety of assets.
    In addition to simple gifts of cash and stock, we administer complex gifts including partnership interests, life insurance, annuities, real estate and more.
  5. We ensure optimal tax advantages.
    The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, so your gifts garner maximum state and federal tax benefits – especially compared to private foundations.
  6. We maximize the impact of your gift.
    We provide opportunities for you to give together with like-minded donors to identify community challenges and opportunities, as well as new forms of philanthropy.
  7. We deliver the highest degree of personal service.
    We tailor our service to your unique needs and interests.
  8. We connect you with your charitably-minded peers.
    We provide opportunities to build lasting relationships through one of the largest donor networks in our region.
  9. We honor your legacy.
    We help you create a personal legacy through endowment funds that support your chosen cause forever.
  10. We have a track record of success.
    For more than 40 years we have supported thousands of donors and funds serving the San Diego region.

Start Your Philanthropic Journey

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