What We Fund

Opportunities for support are available through The San Diego Foundation at Apply for a Grant, which include grants from our Regional Affiliate program. Grants are also available from San Diego Women’s Foundation and from other local, state and national sources.

The Foundation also manages donor advised funds, though applications are not accepted for these grants which are donor directed. Learn more by reviewing the Grantseeker Frequently Asked Questions.

The type of funding varies depending on the program. Grants programs may offer the following types of support:

Project Support: These grants are restricted to a specific piece of work that provides direct benefit to the organization’s constituents over a period of time to achieve measurable results.

Capacity Building Support: This type of support is generally awarded for activities that strengthen an organization, or a coalition of organizations, to better achieve its mission. Capacity building may include expansion of services, infrastructure improvement, organizational assessment, strategic planning, board/staff development, and so on.

Core Operating/General Support: An organization may use the funds in any way to support its mission.

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