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Simplify Philanthropy with Custom Corporate Giving

Whether your business is just beginning to implement giving strategies or you’re considering refreshing your corporate philanthropy efforts, our team can help advance your goals.

Our Custom Corporate Giving program is designed to reflect your company’s values and provides a comprehensive suite of services, including charitable giving expertise, grantmaking guidance and administrative support, to simplify and enhance your corporate giving.

Download Your Custom Corporate Giving Guide

Corporate Giving Benefits

Cost-effective and efficient

No startup costs or additional legal, CPA or administrative costs.

Employee empowerment

High employee engagement, employee retention and the ability to attract top talent.

Access to experts

Rely on our Giving Team’s expertise for community knowledge and meeting urgent needs.

Administrative support

Compliance with IRS requirements and fiduciary responsibility without required tax filings.

Brand building

Enhance your public image, brand integrity, business development and government relations.

Grantmaking services

Recommend a grant. We’ll handle the rest, reducing the burden for your Finance, Community Relations and HR teams.


Opt for privacy and protection if you don’t want to be identified publicly.

Protected funds

Budget for philanthropy held securely at a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Managed charitable assets

Sophisticated investment options and financial management to grow your charitable giving.

Corporate Philanthropy Matters

SDGE Corporate Philanthropy Volunteer Cleanup

There is a tremendous opportunity for San Diego companies to help our community through philanthropy. In addition to the altruistic motivation to help others, companies with successful corporate philanthropy strategies benefit from high employee engagement and retention, more opportunities to attract top talent and stronger relationships with consumers.

Customize Your Corporate Giving

Corporate-advised funds are charitable giving vehicles that unlock the doors to Custom Corporate Giving.

Companies donate cash or stock to their fund, which is managed and invested by a charitable sponsor, like The San Diego Foundation. As the assets grow, companies grant charitable dollars into the community.

How Does a Corporate-Advised Fund Work?


Make your tax-deductible donation to The Foundation via wire or check. You can contribute assets such as cash, public securities or stock and get one tax receipt.


Your initial contribution grows tax-free. It is invested to maximize your return and strengthen your grantmaking and social good power.


Recommend a grant through our donor portal to support your favorite community initiatives, nonprofit organizations or employee programs.

Download Your Custom Corporate Giving Guide

Types of Corporate Giving Programs

Set up a Custom Corporate Giving program aligned with your mission and workforce.

Employee Engagement

Employee match and volunteer programs that align with your mission and provide tax advantages.

Community Impact

Grant money to local nonprofit organizations that align with your brand and make the most impact in the San Diego region.


Engage your employees in a custom corporate scholarship opportunity for students who need support.

Work with our expert advisors to build a custom program right for you.

Join a growing list of San Diego companies that work with us to create Custom Corporate Giving programs.

“The San Diego Foundation has been instrumental in helping us identify our giving priorities. As a company that values giving back, we wanted to create a program that had measurable impact and reflected our values. The result was an impactful and mission-focused giving program.”

Mariel León
Chair, Community Involvement Committee

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How The San Diego Foundation Can Help

Since 1975, The San Diego Foundation has been a trusted advisor for corporate giving and a partner in philanthropy, enabling San Diego companies to outsource part of all of their back-office charitable giving needs.

Interested in learning how our Custom Corporate Giving solutions could be a fit for your business?

Cami Mattson

Contact our Director of Development & Stewardship Cami Mattson at or (619) 814-1385.