One needs to look no further than #GivingTuesday ($168 million donated globally on November 29), to find that philanthropy is growing and more individuals are giving back in a variety of ways.

In our community, San Diegans are known to be extremely generous, as illustrated in our 2016 Annual Report.

But why do donors give?

To find out, we asked donors who give through The San Diego Foundation a couple questions:

  1. Why do you give to San Diego?
  2. Why did you choose The San Diego Foundation as your charitable giving partner?
Why do you give back to San Diego?
Let us know in the comments below!

Why Do You Give to San Diego?

“We feel fortunate to have lived in San Diego and to have been blessed with some success. We want to share our good fortune with others in the community who need help. For us, philanthropy is not an option, it is an imperative.” – Dede Alpert, Former California State Senator

“I’ve been a La Jolla resident since 1992 and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate some aspect of how wonderful it is to live here in San Diego. We have a diverse community, proximity to Mexico and beautiful beaches and parks, restaurants, galleries, art and more. We also have an impressive and vibrant philanthropic community.” – Vicki Baron, CEO, GPA “Get a Personal Assistant”

“My wife, Shauna, and I moved to San Diego 30 years ago to establish our careers, Shauna in Medicine and myself in the biotechnology industry. San Diego has provided us the financial means to be successful and the ability to give back to those areas that touch our hearts.” – Phil Schneider, San Diego Biotech Advisor

Why Did You Choose The San Diego Foundation As Your Charitable Giving Partner?

“My husband and I give through The San Diego Foundation because its staff helps us continue serving the organizations we have been involved with and they provide easy, educated guidance on the new philanthropic interests we have. We’re ecstatic that The Foundation has accomplished so much in San Diego!” – Valerie Cooper, Board of Trustees Member, San Diego Museum of Art

We give through The San Diego Foundation because we have found it is easier to have someone else to do the research on the charities that we are interested in. Also it is helpful for them to invest the funds that are unused, while they are waiting to be given away. – Mike House, San Diego Business Owner

“I choose to do my philanthropic giving through the San Diego Foundation because they make it simple and meaningful. They provide education, direction and opportunities to engage and connect to the community. The Foundation engenders a true sense of involvement with this wonderful place we all call home.” – Vicki Baron

“We were introduced to The San Diego Foundation when we set up our Charitable Lead Trust. We were looking for a trustworthy entity that would provide us with the least amount of mental gymnastics, yet still deliver high-quality support for our personal mission. The Foundation has gone above and beyond in providing assistance, contacts and leadership training to new nonprofits that we have helped hatch.” – Phil Schneider

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Why do you give back to San Diego? Let us know in the comments below!