Ramona Community Foundation (RCF) believes in the importance of investing in Ramona. At the Annual Grants Celebration, RCF members gathered to celebrate $39,700 in grants to 10 nonprofits serving the Ramona community.

Since inception, RCF has granted more than $150,000 to 42 programs supporting a variety of needs in Ramona. Additionally, RCF members have established an endowment fund of more than $62,000 that will benefit the future needs in Ramona.

The 10 2016 Ramona Community Foundation grantees are:

Support When Tragedy Strikes

A 70-year-old woman who lost her high school love. A family whose apartment was ravaged by fire. Parents who lost their child to suicide.

These moments are when some Ramona community members fell into their darkest hour with unexpected tragedy in their lives. These individuals were also all clients of Trauma Intervention Programs of San Diego (TIP) who provided volunteer support to survivors to help them through a difficult tragedy.

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TIP is a non-profit volunteer-based program developed to provide support and assistance to those going through traumatic experiences and emergency situations. In 2015, TIP received its first grant from RCF to train the Ramona Fire Department to request TIP volunteers out on scene immediately when disaster such as fire strikes in Ramona.

“Prior to funding from RCF, TIP services were not available to Ramona Fire for two years,” explained TIP executive director Shay Gebler Bence. “During that time, residents, emergency responders and TIP volunteers expressed a need for TIP Services in Ramona. In just the first six months, TIP offered services to 47 emergency responders and 30 residents of Ramona.”

Thanks to an additional $3,500 grant from RCF this year, TIP will be able to continue its partnership with the Ramona Fire Department. Currently, there is no other program in Ramona that offers residents immediate emotional and practical support following a tragedy.

Get Involved

TIP is just one example of the many programs RCF members choose to support through grantmaking. Every year, members collectively decide what impact areas they’d like to support and which organizations to grant funding to.

The process allows residents to play a direct role in deciding how local philanthropy is directed to benefit those who live, work and play in Ramona.

If you aren’t a member yet, the Regional Affiliate Program is the perfect way to become an active participant in your community’s health and growth, wherever you live in the San Diego region.

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