In its 11th year affiliated with San Diego Foundation, Ramona Community Foundation has granted more than $400,000 to worthy nonprofits that serve our community. We have always focused on organizations that provide meaningful services to the disadvantaged segments of our society, including seniors, youth and other vulnerable populations. Our community foundation continued to operate during the pandemic, providing emergency food assistance outside of our regular grant cycle. We are now back to the regular grant cycle. This year, Ramona Community Foundation granted $44,900 to 11 different organizations serving the community of Ramona.

It was so great seeing so many of you at our in-person Grants Celebration!

Our association with San Diego Foundation has been an effective and invaluable partnership that has magnified our ability to serve those in need in our community. The administrative and financial assistance provided by San Diego Foundation both nurtured us and sustains us today. Without that association, it is doubtful that we would be able to provide as much assistance to so many of our community’s citizens.

Going forward, Ramona Community Foundation will continue to grow and, with discernment, support those in need in our community to lift them up. As the old adage goes, “a rising tide floats all boats,” and we intend to be that tide for those less fortunate than us.

Bob Krysak

Ramona Community Foundation Member Spotlight: Dave Lohman

Dave Lohman

Dave Lohman is a retired high school principal in the Ramona Unified School District. He served the students of RUSD for 26 years. During his last six years, he served as principal at Montecito High School.  MHS is a school that provided opportunities for at-risk students who made poor choices at the comprehensive high school.  Whether it was recovering credits for high school graduation, exploring college opportunities or learning a trade skill, these students flourished under Dave’s leadership.

As a school leader, Dave understood the power of building relationships with students, staff, parents and the community. Time and time again, Dave tapped into these relationships to help guide his school in tough situations. Dave’s relationship power with all stakeholders was significant in helping move the school forward into a powerful professional learning community. Dave believes in the potential of each young student who enters his office and is constantly looking for opportunities to reach out to help these young adults take responsibility for their choices. He also works to empower them with the skills needed to overcome the barriers that are prohibiting them from being successful in school and in life.

Dave and his wife Judy moved to Ramona, from Poway, 18 years ago with their three sons.  Judy is a retired Navy Nurse Corps Officer, having served 31 years.

Judy and Dave joined the RCF to help continue to build and strengthen our community

Ramona Community Foundation Grantee Spotlight: Voices for Children

Voices for Children

Since 2019, the Ramona Community Foundation has provided critical advocacy and support to children in foster care through grants to the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program at Voices for Children (VFC).

Thanks to the generosity of the Ramona Community Foundation, VFC has been able to recruit, train and supervise additional CASA volunteers to advocate on behalf of Ramona children in foster care. CASAs are community members who provide life-changing support to a single child or sibling group in foster care. VFC has provided CASAs to dozens of Ramona children over the past three years, and services for six of whom were directly funded through grants from Ramona Community Foundation.

Support from the Ramona Community Foundation has come at a particularly important time. Over the past three years, children in foster care have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. The need for CASA advocacy has been more important than ever. CASAs have helped children to access vital mental health services, reduced isolation by helping them maintain connections to peers and their community, and monitored their educational progress. Most importantly, CASAs have provided children with care, attention and a listening ear throughout their time in the foster care system.

“The support of the Ramona Community Foundation has allowed VFC to equip children in foster care with a consistent, caring adult who will provide them with the ongoing support they need to create a brighter future.” – Kelly Capen Douglas, President & CEO of Voices for Children