The Chula Vista Charitable Foundation (CVCF) marked its 2015 grant cycle in conjunction with America’s favorite pastime – baseball.

As part of its annual tradition, CVCF partnered with the San Diego Padres on June 14 for its Chula Vista Community Series to grant three local organizations with over $40,000 to help make a positive, lasting impact in Chula Vista.

The day was also an opportunity for Chula Vista leaders to speak with another notable Chula Vista native, Los Angeles Dodgers All Star Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez took time before the game to meet some of his hometown’s community leaders and speak about CVCF grantmaking.

Chula Vista Charitable Foundation Grantmaking

The CVCF baseball event was capped off as each of the 2015 grantees were recognized on the field before the game.

Chula Vista Charitable Foundation Grantmaking

Beautifying Chula Vista

In an effort to tap into the splendor that Chula Vista has to offer, a grant of $16,025 will support 10 beautification and trail restoration projects throughout the community.

Working in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Living Coast Discovery Center will enlist hundreds of volunteers to help with the work over a 12-month period that will also include an educational component to promote environmental stewardship among local residents. The projects will take place at highly significant and varied geographic locations in Chula Vista – each having a direct effect on the local watershed where harmful pollution begins.

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Youth Outdoor Exploration

The connection between youth and the outdoors is an inter-generational bond.

A grant of $5,350 to the San Diego Audubon Society will facilitate programs for 400 elementary and middle school students in the Chula Vista region that will develop a stewardship ethic for their neighborhood’s natural environment.

These high-quality, neighborhood field trips teach students about native wildlife, promote community stewardship and conservation activities, and connect children to their neighborhood natural spaces long after the visits have taken place.

In addition, the program addresses childhood obesity, a critical public health issue for today’s urban children.

Parking Lot to Parklet

Anyone who has used the Chula Vista Public Library knows access and safety around the neighborhood could be improved. Thanks to a grant of $20,000, residents will soon have a permanent corridor space that will increase safety, allow for permanent, public meeting space, and increase pedestrian access.

The project will promote the library as a place to gather and meet in an outdoor gathering place.

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Through the power of the Regional Affiliate Program’s collective impact, CVCF members are each able to play a significant role in growing a more vibrant community in Chula Vista.

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