Joy, or the feeling of immense pleasure and happiness, is one of the greatest, mutual benefits of philanthropy.

For 44 years, The Foundation has focused on joy-making for donors, partners, nonprofits and the many San Diegans whose lives are impacted by charitable work in the community, and that joy was on full display at our 2019 Annual Meeting held on September 17 at The Conrad in La Jolla.

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The event was a celebration of the generosity of hundreds of San Diego philanthropists who gave their time, talent, treasure and testimony over the past fiscal year to benefit the region.

Together, donors at The San Diego Foundation provided 5,667 grants totaling more than $52 million for the nonprofit community.

Behind those grants are countless stories of impact and changemaking, from support for our refugee community and the environment, to education and youth development.

When San Diego was the doorstep to a global humanitarian crisis as thousands of asylum seekers and refugees were left without hope at the border, donors Carl Crider and Carol Clause responded by funding the San Diego Rapid Response Network to provide support for these children and families.

After thousands of people were displaced due to the devastating Camp Fire, longtime Escondido Charitable Foundation member Bob Wilson stepped in to bring some positivity to the survivors by giving each student at Paradise High School a $1,000 check to use with their families.

These stories of joy and selfless impact go on and on.

During the Annual Meeting, Board Chair Kay Coleman highlighted these stories, as well as the meaningful work of San Diego’s donors, nonprofits, academia, business, government and many Foundation partners committed to growing a more vibrant region for good, forever.

Prioritizing Joy

Our 2019 Annual Report highlights exactly why San Diego is known as one of the most generous regions in the U.S.

Thank you to the donors and partners who prioritize hope, opportunity and joy through philanthropy every day.

San Diego County is stronger and has a bright future because of you.

See the joy of giving in action