Every August 9, we recognize all that literature has to offer by celebrating National Book Lovers Day. Whether it’s an old classic or a short story, reading has a profound impact on our lives.

In honor of this day, we asked The Foundation team for a few recommendations from books they’ve recently read. Take a look below, or head over to the Library of Congress website to see a list of books that have shaped America.

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Foundation Team Book Recommendations

Community Before SelfTeam member:
Kathlyn Mead, President & CEO

Community Before Self by Malin Burnham

Why I enjoyed the book:
I most appreciated the way Malin demonstrates how our personal values can intertwine with our professional lives. Each chapter tells compelling stories about big ideas, goal setting, partnership, and being present and purposeful. Chapter 6, “Charities Are Businesses Too!,” especially resonated with me. And, be sure to read Appendix One: Malin Burnham’s Beacons. My favorite piece of advice – don’t forget to thank people. 

Love DoesTeam member:
Nuria Shariffi, Receptionist

Love Does by Bob Goff

Why I enjoyed the book:
Love Does is a light, unique and profound book filled with humorous stories. The book provokes others to love rather than speaks about love. Bob Goff’s book taught me that when love is at the center of what we do, it’s a force that can change anyone and anything around us. Love is lived.

Shadow of the WindTeam member:
Kelly Feuillet, Director of Financial Reporting & Controller

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Why I enjoyed the book:
To pull words from a fellow book lover, The Shadow of the Wind is “an epic film on paper.” It’s a visual novel with intrigue, young love and madness. My fondest memories as a child are going to the local library. To this day books are my escape and there is nothing like finding a book that pulls me into another era or country and into someone else’s shoes. Zafon’s book does just that and I plan to read the rest in his series, The Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

The Influence of Sea Power Upon HistoryTeam member:
Robert Lopez, Finance & Investment Analyst

The Influence of Sea Power Upon History by Alfred T. Mahan

Why I enjoyed the book:
I enjoyed reading this book because it illustrated that nations with a strong naval presence would ultimately become powerful with prudent use of their naval force. Although the world is constantly changing, this book demonstrates a common theme amongst history’s most powerful nations. Mahan’s central theme and analysis can still be used more than 120 years later.

Behind the Beautiful ForeversTeam member:
Robyn Sharp, Director of Planned Giving

Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo

Why I enjoyed the book:
I recently finished reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers, a true story written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Katherine Boo. The book depicts the interconnected lives of several residents in Annawadi, a slum located adjacent to the Mumbai airport. I enjoyed how the author explores the question of how people living in poverty interrelate and how opportunity and wealth are distributed within a community, as well as globally.

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