What San Diego is Doing About Recidivism

Based on recent trends, 67 percent of individuals released from U.S. prisons today will recidivate - or return to prison - in three years. Learn how San Diego leaders are working to decrease recidivism rates across the county.

Reducing Recidivism in California

President & CEO Kathlyn Mead shares how the California Fair Chance Act will help ensure that formerly incarcerated Californians are considered for employment based on their qualifications and work experience, rather than being rejected by employers at the beginning because of a checked box.

Should Your Art Send You to Prison?

UC Irvine Professor of Criminology, Law and Society Dr. Charis Kubrin discusses how using rap lyrics in court cases perpetuates stereotypes that generate and reproduce racial inequality in America.

Education Over Incarceration

Watch an interview with writer-director Malik Vitthal and learn about the real-life story that inspired his film at our recent Future40 Series event "Imperial Dreams: Film Screening and Conversation".

Curbing Recidivism is a Collective Effort

Learn how nonprofit organizations are working together to identify root causes of San Diego County's high recividism rates and to provide solutions for long-term impact.