Philanthropy Roundup: May 2019

Our “Philanthropy Roundup” posts highlight stories – at the local and national level – that are valuable to our readers and will keep you up to date in the world of philanthropy.

Time to Engage in Climate Change Resilience

Director of Environmental Initiatives Nicola Hedge and Chief Sustainability Officer at the City of San Diego Cody Hooven discuss the impacts of climate change in San Diego and how local business, government, academia and philanthropy can work together to build resilience.

Maximizing Water Conservation in San Diego Buildings

With grant funding through The San Diego Foundation, learn how the U.S. Green Building Council is working with local officials, developers and the business sector to ensure future buildings are designed with water efficiency in mind.

How is San Diego Impacted by Climate Change?

Learn why The Foundation invests in climate research to help policymakers, business leaders and other community members make informed decisions that will impact us today and into the future.
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