Remembering the Lasting Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Today, as we celebrate and honor the life of Dr. King, we are also beginning a new way of communicating with you. Using a shorter more frequent format (often referred to as blog), we plan to share what we think matters and provide you with the opportunity to comment and provide feedback to us.

I was not yet 10 years old when Dr. King was shot and killed in Memphis. Through the rest of my life, Dr. King’s teachings of leadership and service to community, peaceful protest, and justice for all became interwoven into my studies and work. I’m beginning to think about how I will spend Martin Luther King, Jr., Day in service, as it is intended, and I don’t have far to look for inspiration.

During my first five months at The San Diego Foundation, I have seen great leadership and service to the community through the generosity of our many donors and volunteers. The importance of this generosity means so much to many San Diegans.

It matters that children are learning to swim, adults are learning to read, those that are hungry are fed, artists are telling the same stories in different ways, and our beaches and hiking trails are clean and safe. It matters that the homeless have a place to sleep, that playgrounds and walkways are well lit, that no one among us feels lonely, and it matters that people with different perspectives find common ground.

The San Diego Foundation donors and volunteers are ensuring these things that matter happen, and we won’t be silent about it.

San Diego is one big community made up of smaller communities of cities, cultures, lifestyles, age groups, and shared values. What matters is that we respect and support one another and that together we continuously improve a vibrant and sustainable San Diego.

Many thanks for the generosity of your time, your talent, and your financial resources on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, and every day.

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About Kathlyn Mead

Kathlyn MeadPresident and CEO of The San Diego Foundation, Kathlyn Mead has been actively involved in community throughout her career. National Medical Fellowships honored Kathlyn with its 2015 Leadership in Healthcare award. Charles R. Drew University recognized her commitment to community service with its 2011 Medal of Honor. Mead was named a 2008 Woman of Distinction by the University of Southern California, received San Diego’s 2004 KGTV-10 News Organizational Leadership Award, and is also a 2003 YWCA of San Diego TWIN awardee.

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