Philanthropy Roundup: December 2018

Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson, longtime donor with the Escondido Charitable Foundation and The San Diego Foundation, brought positivity to those affected by the Camp Fire in Northern California.

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Philanthropy Roundup

Why this San Diego Man is Donating $1 million to Paradise High School Students and Staff who Lost So Much in Wildfire
The San Diego Union-Tribune
With many of their homes damaged or destroyed in the state’s most devastating wildfire, students of Paradise High School face an uncertain future. A man they have never met from more than 500 miles away in San Diego will give them a gift he hopes will provide at least a small measure of security, support and comfort in a dark hour.

5 Ways Charitable Giving Is Likely to Change in 2019
Time Magazine
Humanitarian crises, natural disasters, disease outbreaks — the needs today are as pressing as ever, but the way we give is evolving. Thanks to tax law and technology, along with changing consciousness and shifting social mores, philanthropy experts say there are notable shifts afoot in where, when and how Americans open their wallets to charitable causes. Here’s what to expect in charitable giving trends in 2019.

Philanthropy’s Responsibility to Place
Philanthropy Daily
It’s one of the enduring themes of American literature. If I grow up in a small town, should I stay there or move to a big city? But this is also a theme in the history of philanthropy. If a foundation is based on a fortune built in one city, should the foundation support that city or should it be a national organization with no ties to a particular region?

Is That Charitable Donation Tax Deductible?
When you get an ask from a charity, there’s usually fine print that says your donation is tax deductible. The thing is, under the new tax law, it may not be – at least on your tax return. Yet there are still ways to maximize your gifts to charity, even if you don’t get a federal deduction.

San Diego Pride to Donate More Than $170,000 to LGBTQ Organizations
Times of San Diego
San Diego Pride announced it will donate more than $170,000 to 59 LGBTQ-serving organizations around the county and world. San Diego Pride is donating the money as a result of financial success during its 2018 Pride events. The organization had donated more than $2.7 million since 1994 to dozens of organizations as a result of Pride event successes.