Philanthropy Roundup: August 2019

Philanthropy Roundup: August 2019
Technology investor and philanthropist Robert F. Smith (pictured left) is one of nine recipients of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

If you’re a philanthropist, your schedule might make it hard to keep up with the latest news, topics and emerging trends in the world of giving back.

That’s why we’re making it easier for you to stay current.

Our “Philanthropy Roundup” posts highlight stories – at the local and national level – that are valuable to our readers and will keep you up to date in the world of philanthropy. Check out the articles below.

Philanthropy Roundup

The Role of Philanthropy in Regional Economic Development: The Donor View
Nonprofit Quarterly
What is the relationship between philanthropic and regional economic activity? The traditional, and still typical if often implicit, conception of philanthropy is a unidirectional one in which economic growth leads to greater charitable giving. But this mostly unidirectional view should not be taken for granted. San Diego leaders asked philanthropists about this topic and more in this insightful article about the relationship charitable giving has with the economy.

The World’s Greatest Philanthropist Died Today, 100 Years Ago; What Should Modern Millionaires Learn From Andrew Carnegie
One hundred years ago, Andrew Carnegie passed away. Often referred to as the pioneer of modern philanthropy, he is remembered for his legacy of charitable giving. This article looks back on his impact and provides current philanthropists with wisdom and insight on how to leave a legacy.

There’s an Institute for That? Behind a $100 Million Gift to Explore the Neurobiology of Compassion
Inside Philanthropy
San Diego philanthropist Denny Sanford made a major gift to UC San Diego for research into the biology of compassion. The transformational gift will provide experts with the support needed to study the topic of empathy, particularly in the medical field, and train the next generation of physicians to be compassionate for patients, but also to be self-compassionate.

60 Percent of Charities Expect to Raise More in 2019
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Almost three-quarters of charities said they met their 2018 fundraising goals, and 63 percent said their charity raised more money than the previous year, according to a new survey of both nonprofits and donors by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, a coalition of professional fundraising associations that analyzes data on giving.

These Nine Individuals Are Transforming 21st-Century Philanthropy
The article spotlights the nine recipients of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in recognition of their commitment to charitable causes. The medal, which has been given out ten times since 2001, not only celebrates generous philanthropists, but those who espouse the values of charity and community impact.