Philanthropy Roundup: August 2018

San Diego River
Environmental advocates recently led a hike along the San Diego River in Mission Valley to build awareness about ongoing efforts to remove invasive species from its banks.

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Philanthropy Roundup

The Rise of Female Philanthropists – And Three Big Bets They Make
Though there are still more male philanthropists than female ones, the face of wealth is changing. Between 2010 and 2015 private wealth held by women grew from $34 trillion to $51 trillion — an increase of 50 percent in merely five years. Moreover, most of the private wealth that will change hands in the coming decades is likely to go to women. When women control more wealth, the face of philanthropy will also likely change.

Donor-Advised Funds: How to Make Sure They Strengthen Our Communities
Nonprofit Quarterly
The rapid growth of donor-advised funds (DAFs) is one of the major stories in charitable giving. It is important to understand the impact of this growth and ensure those who manage and donate to these funds adhere to best practices. We also want to make sure that we don’t let a few bad examples distract from the fact that DAFs are a vehicle that raises billions in charitable donations to provide critical services and solve important problems in communities.

Hike Highlights Progress Along the San Diego River, a Once-Beleaguered Waterway on the Rise
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Environmental advocates recently led a hike along the San Diego River in Mission Valley to build awareness about ongoing efforts to remove invasive species from its banks. The San Diego River Park Foundation, a San Diego Foundation Opening the Outdoors grantee, hosted the activity, showing off a dramatically improved section of the river located in the Mission Valley Preserve. Once teeming with homeless and trash, many parts of the river have experienced a dramatic cleanup in the last year.

What Can Funders do to Connect Equity, Climate, and Water Systems?
Inside Philanthropy
Water systems have emerged as an important focus area for funders in recent years, against a backdrop of flooding, drought, natural disaster and aging infrastructure. These negative impacts tend to harm low-income people and communities of color “first and worst”. The Kresge Foundation recently released its first outside assessment of its new initiative, focusing on the intersection of water infrastructure, climate resilience and equity. The report found good progress, but a ways to go toward effectively linking the different aspects of a complex issue.

International Giving by U.S. Foundations Grew 29 Percent Between 2011-2015
Philanthropy News Digest
International grantmaking by U.S. foundations jumped 29 percent, from $7.2 billion to a record $9.3 billion, between 2011 and 2015, a report from the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center finds. Based on grants data from a thousand of the largest U.S. foundations, the report found that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation accounted for 50.7 percent of total international grantmaking during the five-year period, or $17.9 billion.