Aug. 2018 Roundup for Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors August 2018
Individuals who are charitably-minded may be interested in gifting savings bonds or commercial annuities to charity.

In our roundup for professional advisors, we explore planning for serious illness, gifts of charitable annuities and savings bonds, charitable remainder unitrusts and more. Read below to stay in-the-know on industry news.

Roundup for Advisors

Personal Planner: Planning with a Serious Illness
If at some point in life you have a serious illness, there are several planning options that could be considered. Given these serious issues, it’s important to consider the care of the person and property, financial decisions, potential actions and securing assistance.

Washington News: IRS Public Wi-Fi Security Tips
Many Americans use public Wi-Fi at coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and public events. With the proliferation of public Wi-Fi locations, there is easy access to the internet nearly everywhere. The temptation exists to log on to public Wi-Fi to check email accounts, news, financial sites or social media. Wi-Fi security experts caution against using public Wi-Fi without taking precautions and offer several tips to increase security with Wi-Fi access.

Case of the Week: Lucky Lucy Lindstrom’s Long Shot Unitrust
Lucy recently invested $1,000,000 in stock in a Canadian oil “wildcatter” with the name Northern Long Shot, Inc. Recently, its stock rose from the $1 per share that Lucy paid to over $3 per share. Lucy thinks that the stock could move much higher next year, but she would like a charitable deduction this year. She asked her advisor if she could use the stock to fund a unitrust, serve as trustee and hold the stock for another two years. Would this plan work?

Article of the Month: Charitable Gifts of Commercial Annuities and Savings Bonds
Savings bonds and commercial annuities are considered by many to be very safe investments for individuals and over the years, many individuals have invested in U.S. savings bonds or commercial annuities. Individuals who are charitably-minded may be interested in gifting these savings bonds or commercial annuities to charity. Learn more about the effects of making charitable gifts of savings bonds and commercial annuities, both during life and at death.

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