Essential Guide to Donor-Advised Funds

Whether you are running a successful company or spending free time with family, we know that every hour is precious. That goes for your charitable efforts, too.

Donor-advised funds can be one of the best ways to give back to your community and help others. But setting one up can also be a complex and daunting process without the right tools and support.

We’ve created this helpful resource to provide you with the information you need to guide your decision making.

The Essential Guide to Donor-Advised Funds answers:

  • What is a donor-advised fund?
  • Why consider a donor-advised fund?
  • What assets can you give?
  • What are the tax benefits?
  • How do donor-advised funds compare to private foundations and commercial funds?
  • Why do funds have fees?
  • How do you get started with a donor-advised fund?

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