Investment Strategy

Most diversified portfolios include low-risk assets, like certificates of deposits (CDs) or bonds, combined with vehicles that carry greater risk, such as stocks, options and futures. Other well-known investment vehicles include annuities, mutual funds and real estate, or emerging investment opportunities like cryptocurrency.

Just like these investment vehicles, donor-advised funds provide an opportunity to invest and grow your clients’ moneys over time. With this vehicle, however, your goal is to grow your clients’ charitable funds for greater philanthropic impact.

Depending on the type of fund your clients set up, assets are invested to maximize return and strengthen their grantmaking and social good power. They receive the tax deduction immediately when the donation is made and can choose when and how to grant the money to nonprofit organizations over time.

The San Diego Foundation invests your funds based on strategies that increase the impact of your clients’ charitable gifts and create sustainable growth.

At The Foundation, donor-advised funds are invested in a diverse, carefully-defined set of asset classes to mitigate risk and provide long-term total return.

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