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Today’s donors expect transparency, and want to make data-driven decisions when it comes to their charitable giving investments. An innovative tool to help them achieve these goals is BetterGiving, an online database that allows donors to review consistent, objective information on hundreds of San Diego nonprofits. BetterGiving provides quality, detailed information about the impact organizations are making in their communities, and includes a number of online vehicles that simplify the process of giving to favorite organizations.

BetterGiving is a free online directory of nearly 450 (and growing) San Diego-based nonprofits. This powerful resource was created to help donors and the community better understand nonprofit organizations strengths and needs and connect donors with organizations they care about most. Each nonprofit portrait provides detailed program, financial and governance information, and they can accept direct online donations at no cost to the organization.

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"Great resource for donors to find out about your agency in whatever detail they desire. Having a local entity for this instead of a national website is preferable and it's great not to have to burden our website with all the financials."
– UCP of San Diego

"We, at Mama’s Kitchen, believe the BetterGiving portrait is a wonderful opportunity to make our mission accessible to a large constituency. Thank you and everyone at The San Diego Foundation for making this happen!"
– Carlos Medina, Mama’s Kitchen


The San Diego Foundation has completed all sections of Fairway Payments self-assessment questionnaire, resulting in a COMPLIANT rating.

If you have further questions or need assistance, Foundation staff are available to answer any questions you have regarding your portrait. For information or assistance, contact the BetterGiving team at or 619-235-2300.


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