Current Grantmaking

The Chula Vista Charitable Foundation's 2015-2016 Grant Application


In its fifth grant cycle, the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation invited organizations to submit an application for the 2015-2016 CVCF grants on the theme of environment. The CVCF is committed to providing financial support of projects and programs that make the biggest impact in the lives of people who live, work and play with the geographic boundaries of Chula Vista. For the 2015-2016 grant cycle, the CVCF granted $41,375 to organizations whose creative environmental projects promote the rich natural resources and open spaces throughout Chula Vista.

Grants were awarded to the following organizations and programs:

Living Coast Discovery Center Chula Vista – The Beautiful View
Living Coast Discovery Center
Through the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation’s $16,025 grant, the Living Coast Discovery Center in collaboration with USFWS, will coordinate beautification and trail restoration projects throughout Chula Vista by recruiting volunteers for each event. Under the direction of trained biology experts, community volunteers will clear debris, and provide trail beautification by planting a broad selection of native vegetation with an emphasis on watershed protection and restoration.
San Diego Audubon Society OutdoorExplore!
San Diego Audubon Society
With a grant of $5,350 from the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation, the San Diego Audubon Society’s OutdoorExplore! after-school program will introduce elementary and middle school students to natural spaces in their local communities and inspire them to develop a stewardship ethic for their neighborhood’s natural environment. Students participate in hikes to nearby-nature spaces located within a short walking distance from their schools and experience the challenges of trail hiking and outdoor exploration, build observation skills, and increase their own self-confidence in being outdoors in nature.

Chula Vista Public Library Parking Lot to the Parklet @ Your Library
Chula Vista Public Library
The $20,000 grant from the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation will enable the Chula Vista Public Library to create a corridor through its parking lot at the Civic Library. The corridor will include native/drought tolerant plants, space for outside events, ecosystem information and increased safety and access to Third Avenue.

Grants 2014-2015

Grants were awarded to the following organizations and programs:
Adopt a Beach Sister Dolores Outreach, Fresh Food to Families
St. Rose of Lima
The CVCF grant will increase volunteers and community awareness about the lack of fresh food available to the homeless and low-income residents, by creating a fruit/vegetable “gleaming” program. Through the “gleaming program” residents and businesses donate their surplus fresh fruits and vegetables from their personal yards and/or markets for distribution to the homeless and/or low-income individuals within the community.
Community Entrepreneurs Time For My Health/Tiempo Por Mi Salud
The CVCF grant will allow WeSupportU to recruit and train 10 additional “Promotoras” to increase breast cancer mammogram screenings and education to Latina women in Chula Vista. In addition, the grant will help create partnerships with local businesses to increase Chula Vista locations for mobile mammography clinics.

Grants 2013-2014

Grants were awarded to the following organizations and programs:
Adopt a Beach Adopt-A-Beach / Clean Canyons
I Love A Clean San Diego
The CVCF grant will enable I Love A Clean San Diego to expand its Adopt-A-Beach / Clean Canyons program into Chula Vista. The need for volunteer cleanups in creeks and canyons far surpasses the needs of beaches due to increased illegal dumping activity and litter issues, but there is currently only one adoptable site in Chula Vista and close to 2,000 Chula Vista community volunteers are diverted to other locations for their clean-up activities. The CVCF-funded program will improve civic engagement in a community-based service activity that takes place locally and benefits the entire community by providing an outlet for Chula Vista volunteer groups who want to engage in meaningful service within their community. In addition to expanding civic engagement, this program will also foster a greater appreciation for Chula Vista’s outdoor areas and increase environmental stewardship among Chula Vista residents.
Community Entrepreneurs Community of Entrepreneurs
Salt Creek Elementary
Funding from the CVCF will let Salt Creek Elementary expand its Community of Entrepreneurs program. The school will expand its Entrepreneurship Fairs by offering small gift cards to individuals or teams in each grade level that show innovation, promise, and community benefit with their products. Students will be asked to reflect on their experiences in participating in the Entrepreneurship Fairs and winning individuals/teams will have the option of using their gift cards to expand their businesses or to donate them to a local charity of their choice. Additionally, fifth grade students will participate in a study trip to BizTown, a fully interactive town facility created by Junior Achievement, where the curriculum emphasis is on ethical business practices, teamwork, and making sound business decisions. Students will connect the theory and principles learned from the classroom and translate them into real world application.

Paths to Civic Engagement Paths to Civic Engagement
Chula Vista Public Library
The CVCF grant will allow the Chula Vista Public Library to implement the Paths to Civic Engagement program, which will take advantage of the library’s trusted, inclusive, and family-friendly position in the community to further develop civic engagement in Chula Vista residents. The program will focus on creating, informing, and engaging citizens. Paths to Civic Engagement will include classes to prepare non-citizens for the citizenship test and expand the library’s collection of materials related to current events and civic and social issues, in multiple formats, in English and Spanish, for adults, teens, and children. Finally, the library and the Friends of the Chula Vista Library will plan and host a lively program for adults, seniors, and teens, featuring a panel of local print and TV journalists along with community leaders who will share insider information on how to understand what’s going on, how to be informed, and how to make your voice heard.

Grants 2012-2013

Health & Human Services - Social Service Support Programs

In its second cycle of grantmaking, The Chula Vista Charitable Foundation accepted proposals in the area of improving Health and Human Services related to Social Service Support Programs. Chula Vista residents are facing significant challenges due to the current economic environment. At the same time, publicly funded programs have experienced extreme budget reductions or elimination. A grant was awarded to the following program serving Chula Vista's families in times of need.

Family Engagement Project - Chula Vista Community Collaborative
$24,828 went to the Chula Vista Community Collaborative to support the Family Engagement Project. The Family Engagement Project will eliminate barriers to accessing support services, increase family engagement in support services and develop a centralized, accountable, and responsive referral processing system. The grant will also assist in the hiring of a Promotora to encourage family engagement, increase understanding of mental health and community resources, and engage school staff in the new referral process.

Grants 2011-2012

Health & Human Services - Access to Care

In its first year of grantmaking, the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation awarded $22,500 to two Chula Vista programs that addressed the need to improve Health and Human Services "Access to Care." Certain barriers exist that make access to personal health care extremely difficult, including an individual’s economic situation, lack of transportation, inadequate health coverage, language challenges, family issues and lack of awareness of existing options.  Eligible projects addressed the removal of existing hurdles between an individual and his/her ability to obtain an adequate level of care in a timely manner.

Hope and Health for Individuals with Disabilities - The Arc of San Diego’s Starlight Center
$12,500 will support the "Hope and Health for Individuals with Disabilities" program at The Arc of San Diego's Starlight Center in Chula Vista. The Starlight Center is a day training center that provides instruction and community integration to people with disabilities. The "Hope and Health" program will provide integrated wellness training to 180 individuals with disabilities over a one-year period. People with disabilities face many barriers to accessing preventative health measures and the "Hope and Health" program's on-site wellness training will help participants become less vulnerable to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other life-threatening conditions. Progress will measured by weight loss and increased fitness and stamina. The program participants will also learn how to integrate healthy behaviors into their daily lives with the co-participation of mentors, family members, caregivers, and Arc staff, a crucial component to health access for individuals whose health behaviors are often greatly influenced by others.

Youth Fitness Program - The South Bay YMCA
$10,000 will go towards the purchase of youth fitness items (exercise tubing, medicine balls, agility ladders, and more), the assistance of staff costs for the YMCA's Youth Fitness Program, and the expansion of the program from two to 20 locations over a one year period. The South Bay YMCA's Youth Fitness Program aids in the prevention of childhood obesity by increasing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutritional education in a fun environment. The Y’s program exposes children to various forms of exercise activity, teaches basic nutritional guidelines and healthy eating habits, increases healthy living in the home by involving the entire family through newsletters and take-home activities, and performs exercises aimed at improving school district fitness testing scores.